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3 Cardio Blasting Workouts to do with a Friend

During the summer, things can get a bit hectic with vacations, graduation parties and cookouts. It becomes easy to come up with a list of reasons to skip your workout. A great way to stay motivated is to have a BFF, friend or family member to workout with. Working out with a partner is fun and can push you to stick with it even when things get busy.

We have three great partner workouts that can be done with minimal equipment and time. This way both of you can get in a challenging but fun workout and still have time for all those summer activities!!!

Have a blast!

Workout #1 -- Partner Medicine Ball Circuit

Equipment Required: 1 Medicine Ball to Share

This circuit will give you a great cardiovascular workout and has a great power development component as well. You and partner will simply need a little space and one medicine ball to share. Complete the circuit, rest for approximately :30 - :60 and then repeat. Complete the entire circuit four times.

x10 Med Ball Slams

x10 Squat to Chest Pass

x8 Burpee
x10 Diaper Toss

x5/side Scoop Toss

x15/side Partner Plank High-Five

Workout #2 -- Partner Body-Weight Circuit 

I Go U Go - Countdown and up

Equipment Required: NONE!

This workout will prove to be a great cardio blast! BFF # 1 will perform the exercise; completing a total of 10 reps and then BFF # 2 will complete it. You will go back and forth through the entire circuit at 10 reps of each exercise. As soon as you complete the circuit, BFF #1 starts back at the top, now completing 8 reps. Continue with this pattern until you are down to reps of 2. Once that is completed…..head back up (2, 4, 6, 8, and 10).

Reps - 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Body Weight Jumps
Mountain Climbers (each side)
Straight Leg Sit Ups (the only one done together!!!)
Split Jumps (each side)
Lateral Bounds (each side)
Arm Marches (each side)
Inchworm Toe Touches (optional push up)

Workout #3 – Partner DB Circuit

Equipment Required: 1 DB per Partner

The partner DB circuit is a great strength circuit which can be done with very little equipment and space. It can be done anywhere - at home, on vacation, or wherever you find yourself! You will perform the exercises together. Be sure to push each other to choose a weight that is challenging and stick to completing it! You’ll go through the entire circuit on one side, then on the other. Finish each round by taking a rest for :30 - :60  and then repeat 3 – 4 times!

x10/side 1-Arm DB Swing
x10/side DB Push Press
x10 Goblet Squat
x10/side Off-Set Reverse Lunge
x10/side Bent Over Row x5/side
x5/side Cone/Plate Passes

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