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10 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Fat-Loss

We are on a simple mission here at DSC.

A mission to change the fitness experience forever.

To provide you with the ultimate level of support, motivation, and guidance to get you into the best shape of your life!

We certainly understand the issues surrounding weight-loss.

The frustration.

The confusion.

The doubt. 

The yo-yoing. 

The lack of support and direction.

It's time for that to change and it's the exact reason we created Dynamic Strength and Conditioning. 

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds and hundreds of men and women.

Most of our new members are brand new to working out in a gym or they've tried to get into a workout routine on their own and failed. Many have failed numerous times actually.

This is nothing to be ashamed about and shows the reality of how hard it is to get into and stay in a consistent health and fitness routine.

In fact, only 10% of people who make a fitness related New Years resolution stick with it. 

Yes, we are sad to report that 90% of people who make a fitness related New Years Resolution will quit within the first 6-weeks of their efforts.

So, what makes DSC and our member's stories so different?

The incredible success of our members lies in the simplicity of our programs combined with our expert coaching. 

These programs are based on creating small, incremental daily improvements all done in a very supportive and motivating environment. 

Our job is to set our members up for success and help them accomplish their goals. 

We are committed to putting you in a position to do so, regardless of your starting ability level! 

Today we're covering the 10 biggest mistakes that are ruining your weight-loss and how to avoid them.

#1 Inconsistency

If you want to make real, lasting changes then consistency is the name of the game.

The #1 mistake we see people make when it comes to weight-loss is consistency. Or a lack thereof. 

You can't workout or eat well once in a while and expect to see results. 

It needs to happen consistently because improving your health and fitness and losing weight doesn't happen overnight.

There is no magic pill to take (despite what some companies may try to sell you). 

It's a lifestyle that needs constant attention and effort.

It needs to be a big part of your life.

Consistency is hard. We certainly get that!

But why?

This brings us to our #2 mistake.

#2 Not enjoying your workouts

So why is consistency so hard when it comes to your workouts?

People simply don't enjoy it. 

We're here to tell you that yes, you can actually enjoy working out though! 

Let's quickly talk about the typical gym experience:

You walk in, sign-up and someone shows you around.

Here's the locker rooms, there's the cardio equipment, over there is the strength equipment.

Ok, have at it! 

You hop on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical for 30 minutes and wish to yourself the entire time that it was over.

Talk about BORING! Who in their right mind wants to suffer through that 3-5x/week for an hour?

Especially if you have some kind of old injury like knee or low-back pain! 

Will power runs its course and motivation drops. Then you simply stop going. To top it off, no-one there cares about or even notices your absence. 

It's this very experience that makes people hate exercising. You DON'T need to suffer through it though.

What we have found is very simple:

In order to be consistent with your workouts (and in turn see fantastic results) you need to enjoy it! 

It needs to be something you look forward to, not something you dread.

The more fun you have with your workouts, the more you look forward to them.

The more you look forward to them, the harder you try and the more you go.

And the more you go, the better you look and feel! 

Instead of hating your workouts, find something you can't wait to do again!

#3 Going at it alone

Every month we start new Women's Only Beginners Group and Adult Group Training programs. 

We love to get an understanding of our new member's fitness goals and backgrounds. 

Almost every member tells us they have tried exercising but it was on their own, they quickly lost motivation and ended up quitting.

There is truly something to be said about exercising with a friend or group with similar goals. We see it every day as members who have a history of falling off the exercise wagon time-after-time are now committed, seeing incredible results, and having FUN!

Training with a group or friend creates an overwhelming support system.

Both accountability and motivation seem to soar!

You find yourself not wanting to skip that workout or giving that extra push on that exercise as you are now more invested in yourself as well as them. You are in it together!

Instead of trying to navigate your health and fitness alone, find a supportive friend or group to join!

#4 Focusing too much on cardio

There’s a very common misconception when it comes to weight-loss.

Women especially have been led to believe the only way to lose weight is to do more and more cardio like running.

What else do our incredible success stories have in common?

When it came to their workouts, they focused on getting stronger and better conditioned.

No they didn’t get big and "bulky".

What they did is build incredible amounts of strength, fitness, endurance, and confidence -- while losing weight!

Improving strength is a MUST and is probably the most neglected aspect to fat-loss. 

The stronger you are, the more you can do during your workouts and the more intense those workouts become. The more intense your workouts become, the more calories you burn!

And the research agrees.

When it comes to weight-loss, the combination of strength training and cardio far surpasses cardio alone.

Not only that, but programs that focus solely on cardio see more overuse injures, decrease in strength and muscle tone, and increase in stress hormones. 

A major focus of our coach-led workouts is getting stronger.

We will be utilizing a variety of movements to strengthen your legs, hips, core, shoulders, arms, and back. 

New to exercise? Perfect!

We always provide a lower-impact/beginner version of each exercise!

#5 Eating too much or too little

When it comes to weight-loss, putting yourself in a calorie deficit is key.

This means you need to be burning off more calories than you consume.

We typically see those that are having trouble losing weight eating too much or too little.

Eating too much:

Eating too much is a quick way to put weight on.

Here are some simple tricks to help you eat less:

  1. Eat a small snack before going out to dinner or grocery shopping. This will prevent you from getting too hungry and overeating or making poor choices just to satisfy hunger. 

  2. Eat protein with each meal and snack. This will help you feel full, longer.

  3. Drink 2 cups of water before each meal and snack. This will help you eat less by feeling more full.

  4. Watch your portion sizes, especially when you're out to eat. 

  5. Eat SLOW! Put your fork down between bites and sip on water. Eating fast will drastically increase the amount of food you eat at each meal.

Eating too little:

This is far more common than you might think.

By eating too little, your body basically goes into survival mode.

You burn your muscle for fuel, increase your stress hormones, and actually hold on to fat as an emergency supply.

Then your metabolism slows down.

So how do you know if you're over or under-eating?

Let's move to mistake #6.

#6 Not tracking your food intake

When it comes to fat-loss and getting into the best shape of your life, nutrition is key!

Yes it is true, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet and you certainly cannot lose weight with poor or inconsistent nutrition.

One of the best ways to improve your diet and eat for fat-loss is to start tracking your food. This simply means recording everything you eat and drink throughout the day.

And the research agrees.

One study gave over 1,000 participants a heart healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Over the course of the study participants lost an average of 13lbs.

Here's the kicker though: the participants who tracked what they ate lost an average of 18lbs where participants who did not track what they ate lost an average of 9lbs. That's a BIG difference in weight-loss achieved just by simply tracking their food.

There are a few ways to track like keeping a good old-fashioned food journal, but we recommend using an app like My Fitness Pal which will break down how much of each food you're eating (carbs, fats, proteins, sugar, fiber, etc) and your total calories for you.

This is a key component of our Nutrition Coaching Programs here at DSC, where our coaches help guide you on how much of each food you should be eating on a daily basis to lose fat and perform at your highest level in and out of the gym.

Some very important things happen when you start tracking your food and beverage intake:

1) You start to eat less

Tracking can really open your eyes to the amount of food that you are not only eating but overeating. 

When tracking, you're going to be less likely to eat that extra dessert or indulge in an additional spoonful of peanut butter. These once mindless additions to your day add up quick and can easily account for an additional 200-600 calories per day. This is bad news for losing fat. 

2) You increase your consistency

If you want to lose fat, you need to create a calorie deficit. This means we need to burn off more calories than we consume.

When you track you will get a great idea of where your calories end up each day. 

This is key for fat-loss. If your calories end up where you want them to be one day, only to be too high the next day, it's going to be very hard to lose fat.

Tracking will allow you to be consistent throughout the week and allow you to continually work towards your goals and lose fat.

#7 Fad diets

One thing we work hard to teach our members is that improving your health and fitness is not a specific destination, but a journey. 

I tell them to think of the ultimate goal of a lifetime of fitness. Therefore it ebbs and flows. 

It doesn't happen overnight. 

Rather, it's a lifestyle.

This is exactly why quick fixes, fad diets and detoxes do not work.

You may lose weight initially, but what happens next?

They mainly work out of the gate because of a huge restriction in calories, but they aren't something we can sustain. We end up putting the weight back on right after.

And the research agrees.

A group of UCLA researchers analyzed 31 long-term diet studies. Participants on these various diets stayed on them for 2 to 5 years. 

Their findings?

Some people lost weight in the beginning, but only 5-10% of their body-weight. 

The result? The majority of these people regained all of their weight, plus some. 

The health benefits of dieting like decreasing blood pressure and disease risk? None. 

In fact, researchers believe they would have been better off not dieting at all from the stress of losing weight and putting it back on. The yo-yo effect of dieting can actually increase our risk of disease. 

Other research has shown that only 10% of strict dieters keep the weight off. 

This is due to the fact that they are not sustainable. They are restrictive, overwhelming and fail to teach us how to incorporate them into a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

When it comes to fat-loss, start thinking long term.

Instead of starting another quick fix diet, consider ditching the processed and packaged foods and start to introduce more whole foods.

Think of foods without a food label or foods that do not come in a box. These are foods that you can hunt, grow, and pick.

#8 The weekend sabotage

One big mistake we see is people treating the weekend as a vacation from healthy eating.

We often think, "I've been so good all week, it's time to let loose!"

On comes the binge of big breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as restaurant eating, alcohol, fried food, desserts, etc.

The weekend comprises 2/7 days of the week. 

That's 30% of your week. 

If you're overeating every weekend, you're going to have a hard time losing weight. 

Not only that but you aren't going to feel great. 

These types of food are great for upsetting your stomach, making you feel bloated, and can even wreak havoc on your joints with inflammation.

These weekends of splurging also create the wrong mindset, where you're almost too controlled during the week and start viewing your healthy lifestyle as a chore or punishment. Viewing weekends off as a "reward" then only adds to it.

Eating healthy isn't always good vs evil and it certainly isn't about perfection. Instead stick to the 80/20 rule. Eat well and stick to the plan 80% of the week and allow yourself 20% to enjoy a drink, a certain food, or dessert. 

Also, one trick that helps is to plan your meals in advance for the weekend. You can cook them from home or if you're going out, look at the menu ahead of time to make better choices. 

#9 Drinking calories

As we talked about earlier, to lose weight you need to be eating the right amount of calories.

One way to drastically increase your calorie intake, and slow down weight loss is by drinking your calories.

Additives like cream and sugar in your coffee, soda, fruit juices, and alcohol are loaded with extra calories. 

The average American consumes an extra 400 calories per day just in beverages.

Now multiply that by seven days a week.... YIKES! 

That is not good for weight-loss and something you can easily avoid. 

Instead, stick to mostly water and other calorie free beverages.

I want you to have water with you at ALL TIMES!

Driving. Working. Watching TV. Eating. Working out... Make sure you have a glass or bottle of water with you to continuously sip on.

I recommend purchasing a reusable water bottle like a Nalgene bottle.

BONUS TIP: Drink 2 cups of water before each meal!

Research shows simply drinking 2 cups of water before each meal will help you feel fuller and eat less during your meals. 

#10 Not having a coach

When something is wrong with your furnace, who do you call?

A plumber.

When you need some medicine for an illness you can't kick, where do you go?

To the doctor.

When we want to improve our health and fitness, where do we go?

Most of us try to do it alone. 

The final weight-loss mistake people make is not having a coach.

A fitness and nutrition coach will keep you committed. 

They will hold you accountable and keep you on the right track toward your goals.

They will guide you through the confusing process of losing weight and assist you through your workouts, nutrition, and mindset.

Imagine never wondering what you should be eating.

Imagine having your workouts laid out for you the minute you walk in the door.

All you need to do is execute, and let your coach take care of the rest!

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