How It Works

We combined the aspects of DSC that have made our members so successful into put them together into one New Years Challenge just for you!


Weeks of awesome workouts and healthy eating


Weeks of guidance,
support, and results!


Spots available

Your Workouts

During your 8-week challenge you'll have access to unlimited workouts here at DSC or online from your home.

Our coach-led workouts are perfect for all levels and remove the guesswork between you and fitness success.

Each workout is led step by step by our friendly coaches and focuses on exercises that will:


Core and
total-body strength


Mobility, flexibility
and posture


calories and fat


Your energy level throughout the day

Customized Nutrition Plan

Learn exactly how to eat great and lose weight.

During your 8-week challenge you will be working directly with our nutrition coaches to learn about making better nutritional choices and how to eat to reach your goals.


How to make better nutritional choices


Ahead and properly hydrate


A balanced, healthy diet for fat loss


Your day and workouts with the right foods

Join DSC Members Like Dawn (Down 100 Pounds!)

Watch Dawn’s interview HERE where she shares her incredible story, past struggles, successes, and experience at DSC!

& Jeremy (Down 100 Pounds!)

"I was about to turn 39. I weighed 316 pounds.

I was on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

My knees hurt constantly, my back was always sore, and my ankles were a mess. Walking up a flight of stairs had me winded.

This led me to Dynamic Strength and Conditioning in Nashua where there is a very different approach to whole body health. 

The immediate goal that I was aiming to achieve was simply to make exercise a normal part of my everyday life.

My first class was amazing. What I perceived as a physical limitation that would keep me from doing things, the trainers had a modification for that would allow me to keep moving, get stronger and do more. 

Since joining:

  • I’ve lost 100 pounds!
  • I am no longer on blood pressure medication!
  • I am no longer on cholesterol medication!
  • My pants size used to be a 44 & now I wear a 34!
  • I used to wear 3XL shirts and now I wear either an XL or sometimes even a Large!

& Cheryl (Down 45 Pounds!)

"My first night I was really nervous. 

I thought "What if I can't do it? 

What if I fail again?" 

Boy was I wrong!  

The moment I met the DSC coaches, I knew I made the right choice!!

Since joining I've lost 45lbs!"

& Tim (Down 50 Pounds!)

"I never really had a regular workout routine. 

I would join a gym but my workouts were never very consistent. 

I typically would only last a month or two and then lose interest and stop going.

My wife joined DSC in February 2018 and fell in love with the people and the workouts. 

After her pushing me for 5 months, I decided to give DSC a chance. I have to admit I was nervous, but sort of knew what to expect with my wife already being a member.

I feel that the training DSC offers is exceptional!

Each class is geared to work different muscle groups, whether it’s strength or metabolic conditioning.

Since joining, I have lost 50lbs! My energy level is better than ever and overall I feel great!"

Ready to make 2023 your healthiest and happiest year ever?

Our 8-Week New Year Fitness and Nutrition Challenge starts January 16th!

Register before 12/31 and SAVE 10%!

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